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Affordable Term Life Insurance

Value and security have probably never been more important to you as they are right now. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, most investment portfolios and retirement savings have suffered declines of 25 to 40 percent, and full recovery to previous market values may be many years away. That could mean that the financial security for your family or your business may be in jeopardy if a premature death occurs. Term life insurance can offer you the protection you need at rates that are at their lowest levels ever. All indications are that rates will soon be increasing for many life insurance companies. We represent many financially strong companies that offer very competitive term rates. We have listed below just a small sample of competitive rates from The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company. It would be more beneficial if we could give you a personal quote that fits your needs. It’s time to review the personal protection you have for your family, your estate and the business protection you need for buy-sell funding, key-person coverage and coverage that banks may require for business loans.

LifeHorizons Termsetter – Guaranteed Level Term$1,000,000 Coverage, Select Plus, Monthly Bank Draft Rates
Male Female
Age10 Yr.15 Yr.20 Yr.25 Yr.30 Yr. 10 Yr.15 Yr.20 Yr.25 Yr.30 Yr.

The Select Plus underwriting classification is not available to all applicants. Applicants are subject to the underwriting guidelines of The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company. This term life insurance plan is available in most states. Premiums are guaranteed for the initial guarantee period and are subject to change after the guarantee period.