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Flood Cleanup Important Notice!

By May 11, 2010 Flood

Many of our preferred restoration companies are doing a lot of moisture readings and the one common thing they found was that the structures are just not drying! The moisture meters are still maxing out so they are now trying to focus their efforts on two things:
1.  Getting the structure fully dry before they start rebuilding
2.  Spraying a mold treatment.
This is really important to convey to our clients or you may end up with a huge mold problem down the road.  Our companies are concerned that a lot of people are going to start re-building too early.  Spending a little money on this now is loads better than spending thousands of dollars on mold remediation a few months from now.
A lot of homeowners are trying to do it themselves and just don't have enough equ

ipment to get it completely dry. Some people they have come across just have a couple of box fans and maybe a small dehumidifier. The issue is that these small dehumidifiers are only taking a little moisture out of the air but are not powerful enough to take the moisture out of the structure.
This weeks rain is not going to be helping with the moisture content in the air! They want you to know that they still have plenty of equipment to help finish the dry-out properly. They want our homeowners to know that they do not need to be afraid to call for an estimate. Many of our restoration companies are offering lower pricing due to the extreme nature of the situation.  They would be more than happy to take moisture readings and aid in finishing the dry-out or a germicide treatment.