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Fraud and Embezzlement in the Workplace

By June 26, 2008 commercial

Fraud and embezzlement in the workplace is on the rise.  We have seen an increasing trend involving Employee Dishonesty.  The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates business losses due to employee theft at $400 billion per year.  Small companies can be especially affected by theft and embezzlement because they can’t afford extensive safeguards and aren’t large enough to absorb losses.
So, what can a business do to prevent this potentially devastating outcome?  First, be more vigilant with the oversight of employees that handle accounts and mon

ey.  Create internal controls and stick to them.  Look for warning signs that indicate an employee may be stealing funds or inventory:  Changing lifestyles, unusual behavior, or reluctance to take vacation time, for example.  Installing these and other adequate controls are sound business practices to help deter theft.
Fidelity or Employee Dishonesty coverage is an inexpensive way to help protect your company assets from employee theft.  This, and the increasing trend in workplace fraud, make Fidelity coverage something we highly recommend to our clients.