Independent Insurance Agents: How They Save You $$

By March 15, 2013 March 29th, 2018 Company News

The topic that I am going to be covering today is one that could potentially save you enough money to start planning a beach vacation. And let’s be honest, who can turn that down after the beautiful weather we’ve been seeing on the ten-day forecast? What is this earth-shattering topic you may ask? It is purchasing your insurance coverage through an independent insurance agent. Of course the next logical question is: what exactly is the definition of an independent insurance agent, and what makes them so great?  An independent insurance agent does not represent just one carrier; rather, they represent several insurance companies, allowing you to get the best deal on coverage in town. You can save literally thousands of dollars by making this simple choice.
You may be wondering how, exactly, independent insurance agents are able to save you so much money. Well, the secret lies with the agent’s loyalty to you rather than with your insurance carrier. Your agent is also able to shop around and secure the best deals for your specific situation because he or she has access to a large network of the nation’s top insurance carriers. If you choose an independent agent over a direct company, you also get to skip the tedious, hair-pulling routine of checking and re-checking each company’s auto, home, and life insurance policies against each other – talk about a snooze! Independent agents rid you of the burden of shopping multiple insurance carriers and allow you to form a long term personal relationship with your agent.
Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Hey…I want that! Where can I find one?” Good news…you’re on their website! Full Service Insurance, Inc.  is indeed an independent insurance agency and we are delighted to share this information with you so that you realize the full value of the benefits you are receiving. As always, we are here to answer your questions via e-mail or phone call. Now go enjoy this beautiful week…spring is on its way!

By: Dominique Postma
FSI Intern