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Life insurance: Finding the perfect fit

By September 15, 2016 March 29th, 2018 Company News

By Cincinnati Life

Life insurance: Finding the perfect fit

Every circumstance is different, and life insurance is available to meet a variety of needs.

Each life insurance applicant has unique circumstances that require different solutions. The life and disability insurance needs for a 25‑year-old single professional differs from those of a 35-year-old professional with a young family.

Before purchasing life insurance, you will want to consider cost, coverage, duration and health exams to find the perfect fit. New applicants also might have some uncertainty about the process. No one is better situated to review these issues than your local independent life insurance agent.

When considering your life insurance needs, think about the fact that one in three households would have trouble paying immediate living expenses with the loss of the primary wage earner. This can occur with either an unexpected death or disability.

Your agent can answer questions about life and disability insurance and allay your concerns about the purchasing process.

One common misconception is the cost of a life insurance policy. According to the 2016 Insurance Barometer Study, when people were asked about the cost of a $250,000 term life policy for a healthy 30‑year-old, the median estimate was more than twice the actual cost. Your agent can provide information about availability of term life insurance policies that allow you to purchase adequate amounts of protection for a relatively low premium or universal life policies that provide cash value in addition to a death benefit. These are just two of the many life insurance products available.

When you meet with your agent, you can rely on an experienced insurance professional to perform a needs analysis to determine the appropriate product for your situation. Numerous policies are available to provide a wide range of benefits, time frames, and options, no matter your stage of life.

Your agent can provide information on what to expect from a paramedical exam, should one be necessary, and other information you will be asked to provide. The exam may be performed at your home or place of employment.

Whatever your circumstance, a solution is available to protect you and your loved ones.

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