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The Risks of Saying “I do”- Wedding Insurance

By June 7, 2013 March 29th, 2018 commercial, Company News, personal


In our office, we often get calls for Wedding Insurance. However, I would venture to say that a majority of “Brides to be” just don’t

 You may want to consider these liability concerns for your upcoming Big Day: consider the liability risks associated with their nuptials.

  1.  Alcohol – Many people think that because a venue or caterer is serving the alcohol, you are not liable for anything that happens as a result of serving. This is a common misconception and could be a costly one. When entertaining with alcohol, always make sure you have adequate liquor liability in place by consulting a knowledgeable insurance professional.  
  2. Certificates of Insurance – You can never be too safe in this arena. If you are hiring a caterer, band, party bus, etc… always make sure those contracted carry adequate liability insurance. Being named on their policy would also limit your exposure for any actions of those you subcontract for the wedding.
  3. Exotic Venues – Opting for a wedding in your Grandparent’s 200 year old barn seems idyllic. However, make sure to carefully consider the risks your guests might encounter at the unique and perfect venue you select.

These three items are a good way to start considering the liabilities associated with your wedding. It is your big day and we hope nothing goes wrong… but if it does, make sure you are protected with wedding insurance from a trusted insurance professional.