TIKE car seat stickers provide vital data to first responders

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TIKE car seat stickers provide vital data to first responders

TIKE car seat stickers can provide crucial information to first responders.

Every day, more than 2,600 children are involved in a traffic accident in the U.S. – that’s one child under 13 involved in a crash every 33 seconds. While most parents have taken steps to secure young children in approved car seats, there is another step parents can take for peace of mind: Put a TIKE sticker on each car seat.

Consider what happens when the parent or caregiver is incapacitated in a crash, but the child is left alone and in need of help. How do first responders get the vital information they need to treat injured youngsters or reunite unhurt children with family members? One solution is by using TIKE stickers available from the Ohio Insurance Institute, the industry trade association for property casualty insurers and related trade groups in Ohio. These stickers are available free to anyone anywhere, not just Ohio residents.


TIKE – for toddler information kept for emergencies – provides identifying information to emergency personnel should an accident disable the adults riding in the vehicle. Once filled out by a family member, the bright neon green stickers provide the child’s emergency contact and medical information to first responders.

TIKE stickers are recognized by safety groups, caregivers, doctors, law enforcement, fire departments, emergency responders, hospitals and countless others across the country who share a common interest in child safety.


Parents affix the stickers to the child’s car seat, selecting a spot on the back or side, where they can be found by rescuers, but are not easily seen by a casual observer.

Current TIKE sticker directions suggest placing them on the back or base of car seats. OII recommends placing the sticker on a flat surface of the seat for quick identification by medical responders.


OII provides stickers free of charge to anyone requesting them. OII asks only that recipients “like” OII’s Facebook page, if possible, in return.

You can order here or by emailing your name, mailing address and the number of stickers requested for the English or Spanish/English versions.

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