True or False? 2013 Hurricane Names and FSI

By June 27, 2013 March 29th, 2018 Company News

As of June 1st, hurricane season has officially begun. Check out NOAA’s list of the official names of the 2013 hurricane season. Can you guess how each name is related to the Full Service Insurance family? Some are true…some are not. Can you guess which ones are true?

Andrea- Blake’s wife
Barry- Nickname of current President of the USA
Chantal- Name of the perfume most of our female staff wears
Dorian-The musical scale that our phone rings when you call the office.
Erin- Name of a Personal Lines customer service agent
Fernand- The last name of our first client.
Gabrielle- Name of Kim’s Dachshund
Humberto- The name of the squirrel that lives in the pine trees behind our building.
Ingrid- What we call the person that has dish duty each week.
Jerry- Dog child of Pam Marshall
Karen- PJ’s wife
Lorenzo- Old family name in Patrick’s family
Melissa- John’s favorite Allman Brothers Song
Nestor-David’s college roommate
Olga- Name of Blake’s first girlfriend
Pablo- Pablo Picasso is a distant relative of Paul Pratt Sr.
Rebekah- Actual name of the lady whose voice you hear when you call in after hours.
Sebastien-  Boy who changed a client’s tire in the May floods. He had to use his scuba tube to breathe because the water was so deep.
Tanya- Name of our employee’s sister. Former figure skater.
Van- Was an employee in 2003. Left after his wife hit the first PowerBall Jackpot over $150 million!
Wendy- Mother of the Frosty

This year NOAA predicts a very active hurricane season. If you are traveling to coastal areas, be sure to stay aware of any impending hurricane activity.
See for more information on the predictions for the upcoming hurricane season.