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Vacation Checklist for Your Home

By June 25, 2008 personal
A vacation is your time to relax and enjoy life.  These tips will help to get your vacation off to the right start and ensure that your home will be safe while you’re away.
• Make sure all electrical appliances are turned off.
• Clean out the refrigerator of all perishable foods and take out the garbage.
• Lock all windows and doors.
• Arrange to have the newspaper and mail held until your return, or have them picked up by a trusted neighbor.
• Arrange to have your lawn mowed while you’re away.  Ask a neighbor to set out your trash on collection day and then retrieve empty cans and recycling bins the same day
• Let a trusted neighbor know you will be away and have them keep an eye on your home for you.  It’s a good idea to leave your vacation address and telephone number with a neighbor so you can be reached in case of an emergency.  It is also helpful to leave the card of your insurance agent with them, in case something should happen and they need to call regarding an emergency claim situation.
• Never leave your house key hidden outside your home.
• Set timers on interior lights.
• Make sure to unplug televisions, computers, and appliances that are susceptible to lightning and power surges.
• Advise your alarm company and local police if you will be gone for an extended period.
• Store jewelry and valuable papers in a safe deposit box.
• Arrange for the care of pets.
• Set the heating system to provide a minimum heat of 55 degrees, should you be away during the winter months.
*From Travelers Insynch Tools