IRS Reaches Out to Millions of Employers on Benefits of New Health Care Tax Credit

WASHINGTON ― The Internal Revenue Service this week began mailing postcards to more than four million small businesses and tax-exempt organizations to make them aware of the benefits of the recently-enacted small business health care tax credit.

Included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act approved by Congress last month and signed into law by President Obama, the credit is one of the first health care reform provisions to go into effect. The credit, which takes effect this year, is designed to encourage small employers to offer health insurance coverage for the first time or maintain coverage they already have.

“We want to make sure small employers across the nation realize that — effective this tax year — they may be eligible for a valuable new tax credit. Our postcard mailing — which is targeted at small employers — is intended to get the attention of small employers and encourage them to find out more,” IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman said. “We urge every small employer to take advantage of this credit if they qualify.”

In general, the credit is available to small employers that pay at least

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half the cost of single coverage for their employees in 2010. The credit is specifically targeted to help small businesses and tax-exempt organizations that primarily employ low- and moderate-income workers.

For tax years 2010 to 2013, the maximum credit is 35 percent of premiums paid by eligible small business employers and 25 percent of premiums paid by eligible employers that are tax-exempt organizations. The maximum credit goes to smaller employers — those with 10 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees — paying annual average wages of $25,000 or less. Because the eligibility rules are based in part on the number of FTEs, not the number of employees, businesses that use part-time help may qualify even if they employ more than 25 individuals. The credit is completely phased out for employers that have 25 FTEs or more or that pay average wages of $50,000 per year or more.

Eligible small businesses can claim the credit as part of the general business credit starting with the 2010 income tax return they file in 2011. For tax-exempt organizations, the IRS will provide further information on how to claim the credit.

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Job Opening for Employee Benefits Sales/Account Manager

About the Job

Full Service Insurance, Inc in Franklin, TN is seeking a highly qualified Employee Benefits Sales/Account Manager.   In this role, you will be responsible for managing assigned clients from our existing and growing customer base, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction and retention. You must have extensive knowledge in human resources , employee benefits, and insurance products to support clients, strategically collaborate with clients, and build long-term client relationships. As a client’s central point of contact, your mission is to provide “best of breed” customer support and industry guidance; be an asset for your clients when defining their Employee Benefits strategies.


  • Cultivate and build successful relationships with a client’s senior management and other stakeholders to enhance and solidify rapport within their organization.
  • Be the main point of contact for day-to-day operations and support for assigned client accounts.
  • Proactively identify client risks or opportunities and be “on point” with internal resources to effectively respond to a client’s needs or drive to a client solution.
  • Employ a consultative and solution-based approach to identify and articulate the alignment of the value proposition and product solution with each client’s strategic goals and objectives.
  • Evaluate a client’s entire book of business, technology resources, and market strategy; prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual client account plans to department management that are tailored to client needs.
  • Provide status updates on assigned accounts, regularly monitoring overall account health, project status,

    opportunities, and risks

  • Conduct product demonstrations, training, and presentations to expand their product implementations and utilization within a client organization.
  • Manage annual product renewals with focus on revenue retention.
  • Generate up-sell leads that penetrate client accounts at all levels and channels.
  • Build and maintain a deep knowledge of their products and their capabilities versus the strengths/weaknesses of the competition.
  • Be the client advocate and advise department management on matters on the best interest of the client or territory region.

Qualifications and Skills:

Demonstrated ability to engage in “high-touch,” expertise-driven client interactions in the employer and benefits marketplace.

Exceptional client-service orientation.

Excellent presentation and consultative skills.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Ability to work successfully at both a strategic and tactical level with clients and senior management.

Self-starter with proven organization skills and ability to multitask.

History of achieving and exceeding assigned goals.

Strong critical thinking, problem identification and solving ability.

Extreme attention to detail.

Strong negotiation skills with ability to adapt to adjusted client priorities.

Ability to interact and manage clients in difficult situations..


  • Employee Benefit and insurance product knowledge required
  • Optional, but preferred, professional certifications: PHR, SPHR, CBP, CEBS, CPP, or FPC.
  • Insurance license
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook..
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Health Care Legislation Timeline

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed comprehensive health reform, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, into law. Click here to view the timel

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It provides implementation dates for key provisions and reflects provisions in the new law and incorporates modifications to the law included in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 passed by the House and the Senate.

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Home Insurance: Beware the cost of April Fools

April Fool’s Day is a chance to indulge in some light-hearted fun. Telling a colleague they have to come to work in a Hawaiian shirt, or rearranging your neighbour’s garden gnomes is just a bit of harmless fun, right? Playing such pranks has even been reported to help reduce stress, boost creativity and encourage teamwork.

But wilful tricks can also be a danger to your health, your property or your job. So, before you get too creative, consider the risks – and that any fallout will probably not be covered under accidental damage.

The most famous mass hoax came when Orson Welles inadvertently created havoc with his 1938 radio dramatisation of The War of the Worlds. The play simulated a series of news broadcasts announcing that the Earth was being invaded by Martians. Many listeners panicked, thinking it was actually happening. Newspapers reported millions of people fleeing the cities in fear of alien invasion, although later studies suggest this was an exaggeration.

The media is often keen to join in the April Fool’s spirit, with the BBC responsible for two of the best-ever hoaxes. In 1957 it ran a report on how Switzerland was enjoying a bountiful spaghetti harvest, complete with footage of trees draped in pasta. Viewers inundated the BBC seeking advice on how to grow it for themselves to which they were told to pop a piece of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.

Then, on April 1 2008, the BBC employed the latest video technology to produce a convincing news report about flying penguins migrating to the South American rainforests.

Although April Fool’s Day may bring out the media’s mischievous side, many people feel the rest of the year is game for a laugh, too – sometimes to their cost, as in these stories.

Are you insured against April Fools (and other pranks)?

Whether hoaxes and April Fools are successful or backfire, they can still leave you out of pocket for the damage caused.

A bunch of pals from Scotla

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nd, for example, began a series of pranks culminating in one of the gang waking up on his 24th birthday to find his front door bricked up.

The following year, the same man, a die-hard Rangers fan, woke on his birthday to find his lawn, hedge, wheelie bin and car painted in the colours of rival football team Celtic.

Taking things too far can also be a risk. One senior manager ended up filing for early retirement and suing for damages after colleagues sent him a false memo while he was on holiday. The message said a report he was working on needed to be finished two weeks earlier than planned, so he cut short his holiday and ended up getting so worked up he experienced heart palpitations.

If you do pull a prank, you may be tempted to capture the hilarity on film. This, too, can backfire. A firefighter and his colleagues in Manchester were suspended from their jobs after he was filmed getting into a tumble drier and going for a spin.

The bad news is that if your friends do brick up your front door or paint your house in green and white stripes, you won’t be able to claim for it on your home insurance.

So, before you do something stupid, make sure it’s easily fixable, or your victim could come to you with a costly repair bill – making you the April fool.

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