Insurance agency in Franklin serving Brentwood, Nashville, Middle Tennessee and the Southeast.

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Insurance in Franklin, Brentwood, Nashville and throughout middle Tennessee.

Smarter insurance starts with experts who think a little differently — a company which understands your industry and what’s on the line for you. As one of the largest independent insurance agencies in middle Tennessee, we’ve built our business creating innovative solutions to even the toughest risk management challenges.

We believe our clients’ financial security and quality of life deserve the utmost dedication, expert advice and personal attention from a trusted partner. As your insurance advisor we always want to make sure that coverage is our main focus, and we pride ourselves on giving our clients the correct coverage. We’ll help you make smart decisions – protecting you from the unexpected and planning for the predictable.

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Our Core Services

Personal Insurance

Insurance tailored to fit your life.

Business Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for your business.

Employee Benefits

Attract, retain and protect your team.

There's more to insurance than the

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Explore our interactive graphics and learn about your unique risks and the related insurance solutions.

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Love the folks at Full Service! Blake Lambert is awesome!

Christy Shepard

Love the folks at Full Service! Blake Lambert is awesome!

Christy Shepard